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New Beginnings

Opportunities: Volunteers, Supplies, and Financial resources. 


Needs: Ideas, Participants 

Estimated Monthly cost: $300.00


Monthly Community Outreach:


Effective June 2021, Neighbor 2 Neighbor supports and promotes our Widow’s group in partnership with  Nena Interval.


Nena lost her husband Charlie, on February 23, 2014 after a 2 year battle with cancer. Not just a tremendous  friend to Neighbor 2 Neighbor but she has volunteered her time and her home to supporting and loving women who are on this journey and we want to offer a sanctuary to heal, grow, and continue to participate in their faith in a safe and trusting  environment.


The group will offer different outings, events, and opportunities for these women to relationship build and  fulfill the calling in their own lives to continue to serve the Lord.


The group will meet monthly, depending on how many attend will determine the location, we are researching and learning the best ways to reach and invite others who have just  entered this new season of life or those who have been walking it for years.  


We Need Your Support Today!

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