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Never Alone

Opportunities: Volunteers, Supplies, and Financial resources.

Needs: Home items, clothing, work related resources, housing.

Estimated Monthly cost: $250.00

Quarterly Community Outreach:


Effective June 2021, Neighbor 2 Neighbor will launch our latest ministry specifically for local women who are incarcerated and/or transitioning back into society.


The Never Alone Women's Prison Ministry will work to offer support and Christian discipleship to women, their children, and their families as they are either carrying out their sentence inside of jail/prison or working through any of our local transition homes back to a stable and productive life. We hope to maintain and but relationships of value for these women through Christian discipleship and stewardship to help prepare them to not just succeed, but become leaders in their communities.


The Ministry team will be led by Sister Cheri Anderson and will lean on a combined 80 years of experience through her team ministering inside and outside the prison systems in concordance with other local ministries and non-profits with the same vision of restoration for these families.


What items do you need?

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