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Easter Egg Hunts

Opportunities: Volunteers, Supplies, and Financial resources.


Needs: Candy, Small wicker Easter Baskets, Easter Activity Books, Hay bails, Soft Drinks/Water, $80 per event “tomb” rewards.

Estimated Annual cost: $1,580.00(includes all 7 events)


Annual Community Event:

N2N annually provides onsite Easter Egg hunts for up to 7 locations in and around Washington County once a year.


The event is community based and specific for each location. The Egg Hunts include age specific Hunts for the kids up to 12 years old, each child gets to keep the sealed candy in the eggs they collect, in addition each resident/child in attendance receives their own Easter Basket of Candy, a DVD or Activity Book highlighting the True Meaning of Easter. The highlight of the event during the egg hunts is a special egg that is empty placed among the others, before each hunt we share the Easter Story and entails the story of the “Empty Tomb”. To the child in each Hunt that finds the “Empty Tomb” a special gift is awarded between $10 - $20 dollars making the “Empty Tomb” the most important egg of all. We take two bails of hay, and usually a baby lamb for the kids to see to share the Easter story of the Resurrection.


There is a big opportunity based on Volunteer involvement to expand this event to other facilities and locations.


We Need Your Support Today!

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