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Back to School

Opportunities: Volunteers, Supplies, and Financial resources.


Needs: 400 Back Packs, School Supplies of all kinds.


Estimated Annual cost: $6,000 (includes all 4 events)

Annual Community Event:

N2N annually provides Back to School events at our stations, which includes a New Back pack, either pre filled with annual school supplies, or we set our the supplies and form lines for the kids/parents to come through and select the items they want or need. We have done this two ways, we have rented the Main Pavilion at the Washington Park for this event and also have done them individually at multiple locations.


The event typically distributes approximately 400 back packs to needy or under privileged children in and around Washington and Canonsburg. The event has taken on many different shapes, but always consists of the backpacks and supplies.


Again, there is a big opportunity based on Volunteer involvement and resources to expand this event to other facilities and locations.

We Need Your Support Today!

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