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Ciarra's Community Christmas Giveaway

Opportunities: Volunteers, Supplies, and Financial resources.


Needs: Toys, Coats, Hats/Gloves Blankets, Hot Chocolate, Cookies, Financial resources for food.

N2N annually provides a Local Christmas Event in downtown Washington. This event is open to anyone who has a need.


Historically we have used the Harmony Life Center Café to provide free Hot Chocolate, a Hot Sandwich off the menu made to order, cookies, Christmas Carolers, also racks of Coats, Hats, Gloves, Socks, T-Shirts and Underwear in packs.

We also try to have toys for attendees if they don’t have anything for their children to take if they would like. This outreach is close to the City Mission, and attended by women in our Area Avis arbor facilities, as well as those in our city’s ¾ and halfway houses.


It’s a great day of love and to present the gift and hope of Christmas. A great community event and very necessary as this is the only Christmas many of our friends have.


The venue may change this year, but we are hoping to make it bigger and better than ever before.

We Need Your Support Today!

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